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why i love my aventuras surfboard

Why I Love My Aventuras Surfboard – Honest Review

Last year, I made the decision to start surfing, and I sought advice from all my surfer friends on which board to choose as a beginner. Without hesitation, they all recommended a soft top surfboard, specifically an 8 ft one. When I found Aventuras 8ft surfboard in its captivating turquoise color I bought it immediately. After nearly a year of using this board, I can confidently say that I made the right decision, and now I will explain why.

NO SURF WAX NEEDED for Aventuras Surfboard

Unlike professional fiberglass boards, which require wax for traction, soft top surfboards designed for beginners don’t need it. Some beginners mistakenly believe that their feet slide on the board’s surface, leading them to buy wax from local surf shops. However, applying wax is unnecessary for soft top foam boards. While applying wax is easy, removing it from a soft top foam board is nearly impossible. The wax quickly collects sand and dust, becoming embedded in the texture of the board’s surface. Cleaning it completely becomes a challenging task. Hence, it is not recommended to apply wax to beginner boards.

But what if you still feel your feet slipping during surfing? In that case, you can consider purchasing boards like Aventuras or Stormblade, both of which feature a special grainy-textured 5mm EBS™ Extruded Barrier Skin Deck that provides more grip for your feet. Since Stormblade surfboards are slightly pricier, I opted for the Aventuras surfboard and have not regretted my decision. I never needed wax for my surfboard throughout the year.

Surfboard for Beginners – BEST VOLUME?

Surfboard’s volume is crucial for beginner surfers. Having a thick board with ample volume is important for training purposes. The Aventuras board has a volume of 81 liters, which is ideal for a novice. It allows for easy paddling, helping you quickly reach the lineup and catch waves efficiently. At the same time, the board still offers maneuverability.

Color of the Surfboard

The most beautiful color options are available for Aventuras surfboards, including blue, yellow, turquoise, and more. When my friend saw how beautiful my board was, they bought the same one after just two weeks, and we have been surfing together for almost a year.

In conclusion, the Aventuras surfboard is the perfect choice for beginners. With its 8ft length and 81L volume, it provides ideal parameters for a first board, allowing you to learn on small waves and progress to riding larger green waves. I had no issues with the board; the color did not fade, and I never needed wax. I constantly receive compliments on where I purchased such a beautiful board.

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