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why i love my aventuras surfboard

Why I Love My Aventuras Surfboard – Honest Review

Last year, I made the decision to start surfing, and I sought advice from all my surfer friends on which board to choose as a beginner. Without hesitation, they all recommended a soft top surfboard, specifically an 8 ft one. When I found Aventuras 8ft surfboard in its captivating turquoise color I bought it immediately. […]

The Complete List of Wavestorm Surfboard Lengths

How long is a Wavestorm surfboard? The Complete List of Wavestorm Surfboard Lengths

Wavestorm is a popular brand of foam surfboards that many beginners choose when starting their surfing journey. These surfboards are well-known for being affordable and long-lasting. When it comes to surfboards, one important thing to consider is their length. The length of a Wavestorm surfboard can vary depending on the size of the board itself. […]

Surfing at Sunset Beach, California

Sunset Point Beach is located in the Pacific Palisades district of Los Angeles, just South of the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway, and is the northernmost beach in Will Rogers State Beach.

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