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Surfing at Sunset Beach, California

Sunset Point Beach is located in the Pacific Palisades district of Los Angeles, just South of the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway, and is the northernmost beach in Will Rogers State Beach.

Sunset Point is known as a great beginning surfers spot. The waves are long right hand rollers that give beginners a safe long ride especially on 8ft surfboards.

Sunset beach in Pacific Palisades as a surfing spot

Sunset Beach is best learning spot in the Los Angeles area.  The waves are soft and perfect for beginners and intermedia surfers.

The vibe at this beach is friendly and laid back so you won’t encounter any surfers who are possessive of their turf. As an added bonus, the wildlife in these waters—pelicans, seal and schools of dolphins—will occasionally interact playfully with surfers.

Many people surfing at Sunset are just learning how to surf, so you will not feel intimidated.

Convenient for many reasons:

  • FREE and PRIVATE parking
  • Restaurant  with the ocean view – Gladstones
  • Cheap fast food TacoBell
  • Big supermarket Vons right across the street

Ideal Sunset Point Surf Conditions

sunset beach swell

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How to get to Sunset Surf Spot (Los Angeles, CA)

From the end of the 10 Freeway or the Santa Monica Pier, go North on PCH about 4 miles to Sunset Boulevard. Make a U-turn at the light, and go South about 50 yards. The Sunset Beach Surf Spot will be on your right.

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